From farm to fork for more than four generations

Welcome to the new Zacky Farms

The Zacky Family has always promised that we will produce the finest quality chicken and turkey you have ever brought to your table.

This fact has proven to be true every time you purchase Zacky Farms. The reason for that is we have never changed our values. One important reason we feed our birds a vegetarian diet consisting mainly of good golden corn. They are allowed to roam freely with food, along with water from our own wells available to them at all times.

From those first days in 1928, when my father-in-law Sam started Zacky Farms and took his truck to valley farmers, brought back fresh Zacky Farms natural chickens and turkeys to what was then called Sam's Poultry Market, we have continued to bring you the best quality of poultry you can buy...... I always say we are "Second to None".

Our promise to you is that all of our award winning Zacky Farms products will be:

  • • California Grown
  • • California Fresh
  • • Vegetarian Fed
  • • Antibiotic Free
  • • All Natural
  • • Allowed to roam range free
  • • Food and water available at all times
  • • No Hormones and No Additives
  • • We offer Certified Organic options too

In addition we are continually working on amazing new ideas for the holidays this year. We have some great recipes to share with you that will ease your preparation, and make you the star of the evening............

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Thank you for taking the time to stop by,
Lillian Zacky
Lillian Zacky,
Zacky Farms

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Zacky Farms is a Certified Woman-Owned Business NWBOC cert#WBE16241